From festive pints to panto pyrotechnics, we look at how industrial gases make Christmas fun.

From putting the fizz in your festive pint to helping loved ones spend Christmas at home rather than in hospital, we look at the surprising ways industrial gases help spread festive cheer.

  1. Keeping party balloons afloat
    Throwing a festive party? Your foil and latex balloons will be kept in the air by helium.
  2. Pouring the perfect festive pint
    Whether beer, lager or cider is your tipple of choice, industrial gases are used to propel drinks through the draught system and into your glass for the perfect pint. Prefer a sparkling soft drink? It’s carbon dioxide that provides the fizz
  3. Ensuring your wine is good quality
    Serving a good bottle of red with Christmas lunch? Industrial gases are used to protect grapes on the vine, ensuring that they make a good quality wine.
  4. Providing the amazing effects at the panto
    Industrial gases are behind most of the impressive effects you see on stage at Christmas pantos or shows – from dry ice to confetti cannons and pyrotechnic displays. Oh yes they are….
  5. Keeping your festive turkey delicious and moist
    There’s nothing worse than a dry turkey, which is why food producers use freezer and chiller cabinets powered by industrial gases to lock in the flavour and moisture in your festive fayre. If you’re enjoying a salmon starter, oxygen was probably added to the fish farm’ water system to help produce health fish, while CO2 is used to boost vegetables growth.
  6. Helping families spend Christmas Day together
    Christmas is all about friends and family, and portable oxygen therapy means more people can spend the season with their loved ones, rather than in hospital.

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Merry Christmas from all of us at BOC!