Acetylene – how it can help your business

You probably know acetylene is the hottest of all fuel gases. You may have experienced just how versatile it is, for welding, preheating and cutting metals. But have you realised just how much benefit it can bring to the bottom line of your business? This advantage can take many forms, from higher productivity to cheaper gas bills. Put them all together and you’ll see how acetylene can make a real difference.

5 business benefits of acetylene

  • Versatility – with acetylene, you can take on a range of different work and expand your markets using only one gas. Just change the attachment on your torch to convert from welding to cutting or heating. Acetylene is also 10% lighter than air, preventing accumulations of gas at low levels, therefore ideal for use below ground level.
  • Affordability – as well as switching between welding and cutting, acetylene allows you to weld different materials with a single torch, such as carbon steels, aluminium alloys and cast iron. So you don’t have to invest in other types of gas and equipment, or the time cost of their additional storage and handling.
  • Higher production speeds – many processes require concentrated preheating and heating. The high temperature swiftly generated by acetylene can reduce this time, and that of welding and cutting, significantly, increasing productivity and reducing down time.
  • Reduced gas consumption – increased process speed means you use less gas. Also, acetylene requires less oxygen than propane to reach its optimum operating flame temperature for processes such as cutting, heating and brazing
  • Higher value process – with acetylene, you can offer additional services/benefits to your customers at no extra cost. For example, it is the best gas for flame-straightening metal distortions. You can also use acetylene to remove rust scales to enhance the bonding of paint finishes and coatings.

So you can see that using acetylene can broaden your markets, increase your throughput and reduce your costs without having to expand your operation and all the cost that brings.

It really does have the potential to boost your bottom line.

Safe and reliable supply

As with all our fuel gases, BOC aims to provide a safe and reliable supply of acetylene to our customers and can offer gases related training at your company premises.

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Phillip Moreton

Fuel Gases Product Manager