BOC’s Stuart Wilders will be talking about AVANTO™ our cloud-based welding management system – at this year’s Advanced Engineering show in Birmingham.

As well as sharing key insights into the critical importance of welding data automation, Stuart will be providing a live AVANTO™ demo.

Speaker preview – why is welding data automation important?

Losing out on a lucrative contract is never good news. But it’s especially hard to take when your business misses out because your welding process data is no longer compliant with industry best practice.”

It may sound minor, but the way you gather, store and access your process data can be the difference between success and failure in your next bid.”

“That’s why we’re working hard to educate industry colleagues on the importance of automating that data gathering process. Weld process data automation not only helps your business meet important compliance standards, it saves time, money and resource too.”

As well as Stuart’s demo, the BOC team will be on Stand H20 throughout the event, previewing some of our most recent R&D breakthroughs, including:

ADDvance™, a pioneering tool for metal additive manufacturers (3D printing), that measures and modifies the level of O2 and humidity within a laser metal fusion printer chamber.

CRYOCLEAN®, an innovative, fully-automated cleaning process which produces CO2 snow particles on demand, for effective dry cleaning of plastic components.

EVOS™ DCi, a smart digital valve, cylinder and guard package, which vastly improves efficiency and safety through data intelligence.

Who: Stuart Wilders, BOC AVANTO™ specialist

Where: Advanced Engineering 2017, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham

When: 11.30am – November 2nd

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