From technical queries to tea preferences ─ every day all sorts of questions get put to Andy Short when delivering liquid nitrogen.  Here, he shares his answers.

I’ve spent the last few years delivering liquid nitrogen as a CRYOSPEED® Sales and Service Officer (CSSO). But as my job title suggests, I provide service as well as supply. This means answering lots of customer questions, which I’m always keen to do. Here are some I’m often asked.

1 Do I have a leak in my liquid nitrogen supply?

When people think something’s wrong, they’ll immediately give me a ring on my mobile. All my customers have my number. I’ll go out to them and check everything over. They’re basically seeking peace of mind.

About half of my customers rent their nitrogen tanks from BOC and the other half own them – we don’t really differentiate. If they think they’ve got a problem, I’ll have a look. I have parts and tools in my vehicle. If I can’t fix it there and then, I can order a part and fit it on my next visit.

2 Where should I put my tank?

Customers rely on us for advice on cryogenic storage. Before we install a tank, we do a thorough inspection and check it will be in a safe and accessible place. A spot that a customer has identified might not always be as safe as they think.

Also customers often ask me to park in a specific place when I’m delivering. Again I don’t take any chances when manoeuvring my vehicle on site. My motto is: “Dangerous I don’t do, difficult I do.”

3 Should I increase my deliveries or my storage capacity?

If a customer is changing their process ─ perhaps adding a night shift, has won different types of orders, or is buying a new piece of equipment, they share this information with me. They often want my advice on whether they should have more deliveries or get a larger tank. If I notice a change in their order, I ask them what’s new. For example, if they’re using less gas, it might benefit them to have deliveries less frequently.

We always ask our customers what they are using the gas for. We want to ensure they don’t run out and make their supply as cost-efficient as possible.

4 Would you like a cup of tea?

Never a difficult question ─ the answer is usually yes. Customers often use a tea break to pick my brains, perhaps asking how they source equipment from BOC to do a particular job. It’s also a good opportunity for me to pick up on any plans they have that might affect their rate of gas use.

5 Can you give us a method statement?

Lots of the sites I go onto are quite sensitive. They may be RAF bases, chemical plants or oil refineries. These customers are very keen to know about our procedures and how we will deliver into their tank. They want to stay safe and prove they are complying with regulations. I always provide them with a method statement and any other details they need.

6 Will you stay with me while I do the job?

I often get asked this when a customer’s doing a shrink fit and the answer is always yes. They can be unsure of how much liquid nitrogen will be needed to reach the low temperature required to shrink the shaft, drum, spigot or whatever

People want the reassurance that a supply of liquid nitrogen is still on site in case the process takes more than they thought. While it might be my customer’s first shrink fit, I see a lot of this type of activity across my customer base and I’m always happy to support them.

7 How can you assure me that the nitrogen is pure?

We fill up using an automatic filling system that analyses as it fills. It generates a purity note so I can always assure purity and traceability.

8 Do you have to go on holiday?

I think my customers like the regularity of their contact with me and the sense of reliability and security this brings. I do take my holidays and a colleague covers for me but I’ll always be back.

Watch our Cryospeed® video below to learn more about BOC’s cryogenic gas delivery service.

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Andy Short
Cryospeed Sales & Service Operator