Automation and digitalisation are boosting speed, efficiency and control across many industries—so isn’t it time gas management catches up?

At BOC we certainly think so. With two new, cloud-based products, we’re helping customers cut the time and resources they spend managing their gas.

Manage your gas from the comfort of your desk

If industrial gases are critical to your organisation, how much time do you spend manually checking your cylinder contents?
A few minutes a day? If you’re running a large site, maybe half an hour?

Now add that time up. Half an hour per day, equates to 3.5 hours per week. Over the course of a year, your organisation could be spending 182 hours—or a full month of one person’s time, walking your site and checking your manual gauges.

Then add in the cost to your business if you completely ran out of gas, this could all quickly add up to wasted time, money and resources.

A small smart sensor making a big difference

DIGIGAS™ Notify uses a smart sensor connected to a regulator or manifold and tracks how much gas is left inside your cylinder or cylinders.

Easy to fit, DIGIGAS transmits pressure and temperature data wirelessly to the cloud via a repeater. Users can check content levels via a dashboard and can set their own ‘percentage empty’ level for notifications via email or SMS. For procurement, who for example may need to know when to re-order, the notification level may be different to a site manager, who needs to know when to change cylinders.

It’s a simple solution, and one that’s already proving very popular. It is quick to install and saves you time checking contents around your site. DIGIGAS Notify makes running out of gas a thing of the past and puts control you in control via any website browser.

If you’re interested request a free trial and see how DIGIGAS could work for you.

How hands-off cylinder management works

ACCURA® our new cloud-based service provides real-time data and control over your gas cylinder inventory. Easy to use, quick to set up and includes:

  • Every cylinder is fitted with a barcode, that can be scanned and uploaded to ACCURA when it’s delivered or exchanged.
  • Create virtual locations away from your delivery points so you can scan your cylinders using ACCURA’s mobile app.
  • Track the movement of your cylinders across your whole site via our web-based platform.
  • Instantly locate underused or redundant cylinders—when stocks are running low in one place, it’s easy to identify cylinders of the same type across your site and move them to where the gas is needed.
  • Add stock level alerts – if your operations rely on a constant supply of gas, it’s a great way to minimise the risk of downtime.
  • BOC online customers can automatically re-ordered gas.
  • Make decisions on the move using your ACCURA smartphone app.

Visit our ACCURA web page and quick guide videos to find out more.

Customer-led innovation

ACCURA has been developed based on feedback from our customers that they want greater control over their cylinder inventory, and we’re seen fantastic results since its gone live. But innovation doesn’t always require an overhaul of existing processes like this—sometimes the smallest new products can make the biggest difference.

To find out more about ACCURA or DIGIGAS complete a quick web form or speak to your BOC account manager.

Colin Stewart
New Product Service Offering and Services Manager