Following the lead of Aberdeen and its Kittybrewster hydrogen refuelling station, other regions in Scotland are looking towards large-scale hydrogen infrastructure, powered by renewables to deliver zero-emission transport and cleaner air.

BOC has joined forces with Scottish Power Renewables and ITM Power to form the ‘Green Hydrogen for Scotland’ consortium. Our aim is to support Scottish regions to deliver on their plans for zero-emission transport fuelled by clean, green hydrogen.

The consortium aims to deliver its first project for Glasgow City Region. The hydrogen infrastructure will comprise renewable energy supply, a 10MW electrolyser and refuelling stations. Once commissioned, it will be one of the UK’s first green hydrogen clusters and will supply Glasgow’s fleet of heavy goods vehicles including refuse trucks and gritter lorries.

We plan to co-locate the electrolyser with a 30MW solar array and an existing wind farm and to transport the hydrogen to the refuelling station using a hydrogen-fuelled tanker.

Modular hydrogen infrastructure

One of the challenges in rolling out hydrogen infrastructure is to align production capacity with the size of the hydrogen vehicle fleet. Financially, it makes sense to replace diesel vehicles once depreciated, so new hydrogen vehicles are acquired gradually over time. We will take a modular approach to developing the infrastructure so that we can align production capacity with the size of the vehicle fleet.

Producing hydrogen at the scale required to meet a city or region’s needs will enable us to reach diesel pricing parity at the pumps. There is potential to produce greater volumes of hydrogen if private company vehicles and members of the public drive up demand further.

Track record

The consortium partners have extensive levels of expertise and are able to deliver reliable and safe hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

As well as developing hydrogen infrastructure with its partners, BOC will also own and operate the facilities. We are looking forward to working with our partners to enable a zero-emission transport strategy and to help deliver clean air for Scotland.

For more information please contact BOC’s Clean Fuels Team at