It is five years since we introduced the GENIE® gas cylinder. I decided to ask a group of customers what it was like working with traditional steel cylinders before the small but powerful GENIE® 300 bar cylinder worked its magic. I didn’t have to butter them up to discover the GENIE® cylinder is better than sliced bread.

  1. Made of steel, the traditional cylinder was small but very heavy. Heaving it up scaffolding could be a challenge for MIG and TIG welders on construction sites . Coming in 30-40% lighter, a lightweight GENIE with argon and argoshield is much easier to carry.
  1. Manual handling used to be an issue for heating engineers who had to get unwieldy nitrogen cylinders from site to site. With the GENIE® cylinder they can use detachable wheels to move it around, like the suitcases travellers use in airports.
  1. The GENIE’s portability has proved useful for rail and maintenance companies’ welders who used to have to drag heavy cylinders up and down when repairing tracks in locations that are hard to reach.
  1. Health and safety guys in several industries were concerned that standard cylinders could fall over, risking injury. The GENIE® has a wider base, so it’s much harder to push it over.
  1. For welders in all sectors the ease with which you could damage the regulator ‘back in the day’ was an issue. It meant the cost of buying a new one and the hassle of getting hold of it, and delays to work. The protective handles on the GENIE® help prevent the valve and regulator being damaged.
  1. There wasn’t as much gas in the standard 230 bar cylinder as you get with the 300 bar GENIE® oxygen cylinder. It contains over 30% more gas so you can get more cutting done in one job than you could with the steel equivalent.
  1. Many people I spoke to remembered how hard it was to know when you were running low on gas before the GENIE® cylinder revolution. This innovative cylinder has a digital display that shows the work time that’s left and any remaining gas in the cylinder.
  1. Many users rate the GENIE’s built-in alarm, which detects low gas before it runs out, because it means they don’t run out of gas during a job (usually at the most inconvenient time).
  1. The GENIE® cylinder is stackable (I’m pleased to say no other cylinder can boast this!) and it can stand up without straps holding it to the wall, unlike steel cylinders. So you need less storage.
  1. With its light weight, portability and modern digital display, overall it’s a lot easier to use the GENIE® than a traditional cylinder.

With this before-and-after evidence, do I need to say anything else to show the GENIE® gas cylinder is the best thing since sliced bread? Just for the record, I think it is, but you can judge for yourself by buying it online now at the BOC Online Shop.

Let me know how you get on.

To find out more about the GENIE® gas cylinder watch our video: GENIE® not just a cylinder, a total gas solution.

By Jarek Solinski,

Product Manager, Industrial Compressed Gas