The HYMERA® fuel cell and Ecolite-TH200 light provide a lighting solution for rail workers that has no emissions and is silent. 

Lighting rail projects is vital to help work continue at off-peak travel times. But it can come with problems – one of the most common complaints about Network Rail workforce behaviour is noise, with 17% of noise complaints relating to generators.

Not only are standard diesel engines noisy, but they can be bad for the environment, workers, and the public.

Introducing HYMERA®…

BOC’s HYMERA® is the world’s first commercially-viable, low-carbon, hydrogen fuel cell generator.

When these lightweight and portable cells are combined with the Ecolite-TH200, they create another first – a low energy, LED lighting system using hydrogen fuel cells.

The hydrogen cell – which has an efficiency of up to 60%, compared to diesel’s maximum of 30% – means there’s no internal combustion and therefore no CO2 emissions – the only by-product is water. This makes it ideal for environmentally sensitive areas or work close to the public. The zero emissions also benefit the health of the workers and those that live in the vicinity.

Joined up thinking

When BOC diversified into lighting, they sought a partner. That partner was TCP – a company with 18 years’ experience in the sector. Together they produced the Ecolite TH200 to specifically use the hydrogen fuel cell and BOC’s GENIE hydrogen cylinder.

TCP Product Manager, Simon Meades said: “BOC brought their knowledge of hydrogen and the fuel cells and TCP their understanding of lighting.

“Together we took a standard diesel powered light and re-fitted it to take the HYMERA® fuel cell. This created a product that is comparable to any diesel generator but with the added benefits of silence and zero CO2 emissions.

“The pressure rating of the cylinders also means it gives us a much longer run time. The HYMERA® is, therefore, the most commercially viable product for us to put in.” 

Why choose it?

When working in public, there are a number of considerations from pollution to noise. Not to mention workers’ own health and safety.

The HYMERA®/Ecolite combination can…

  • Reduce noise pollution for the nearby public. As part of Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, contractors need to prove they’re doing what they can to reduce noise pollution.
  • Make tunnel work safer as it means there’s no build-up of harmful emission that you get with diesel engines.
  • Provide safer working conditions through less ambient noise. When working on or near rail lines, workers need to be alert to dangers or warnings. As this technology is quieter than diesel, it means they’re more likely to hear warnings or oncoming trains.
  • Reduce costs, especially when working in tunnels as you no longer have to provide the air extraction and ventilation systems you would with diesel.
  • Work well in environmentally sensitive areas. With no diesel fuel, there are no damaging spillages.
  • Show you care. As rail operators or sub-contractors, using technology that achieves all of the above shows to the public and local stakeholders that you’re thinking about people.
  • Provide greater light output in all weather conditions
  • Goes for hours. You get up to 120 hours autonomous runtime.
  • Reduce maintenance. There’s little to no periodic servicing as it has few moving parts.

Learn more about the technology with our video below or contact Mark Griffin for more information.

Mark Griffin

HYMERA® Sales Manager