When you’ve been selling gas the same way for 140 years, it’s easy to think you’ve got it all figured out. But at BOC, we know there’s always room to improve.

We’re continually listening to our customers’ feedback. It’s how we make sure we’re giving them exactly what they want.
As our Head of Customer Service, Phil Rowley says:

‘It is our customers’ feedback that leads us and drives improvements. We listen to what customers tell us, and ensure their input is at the heart of reimagining BOC.’

So, when we heard our customers saying that they wanted more choice in how they do business with us, we set about making improvements to ensure it would be easier than ever to be our customer.

Making it easy to be our customer

BOC is reimagining itself and the industrial gases industry. We’ve long been the market leader and a pioneer within the sector. We intend to stay that way by reimagining the industry and making sure it’s keeping pace with the transforming world around us. One critical area is to ensure that our customers can choose how they prefer to work with us.

We know that many of our customers go online for a wide range of everyday purchases. So, we asked ourselves, why shouldn’t they be able to easily order their gas online too?

This drove us to reimagine the online gas buying process. Along the way, we:

  • Reimagined our website –you can easily purchase cylinders and hardgoods online and manage your account in one place on any device
  • Introduced the BOC mobile app, allowing you to simply re-order your gas by scanning the barcode
  • Launched Live Chat, so that you can access help and support quickly without holding on the phone
  • Set up Click and Collect – just order online and then collect from your nearest Gas & Gear store at your convenience

Importantly though, if you would prefer to work with BOC the same way you always have, that’s fine too. Reimagining is about giving you greater choice not limiting choice.

Making the right choice

Gemma Byers heads up BOC’s online shop and her job is to reimagine BOC’s web services.

‘Our aim is to have a seamless customer journey,’ she said. ‘That’s why we wanted the customer experience to be omnichannel.’

In other words, BOC want to make sure customers can easily switch between ordering over the telephone, popping in store or going online.

Gemma and her team understand that even the smallest details can make a huge difference.

“We know our customers have a choice of gas supplier, so we want to do everything we can to make ordering from BOC easy, relevant and personal”.

What’s next?

We have many other exciting developments in progress, including improving our online query support with a more dynamic online help centre and offering fully automated online account opening.

We know reimagining the industrial gases industry won’t be easy. We know it won’t happen overnight. But we know it’s what our customers deserve, and we are committed to making thing as easy as possible. That’s why we’re committed to blazing a trail in our industry to make it easier than ever to be our customer.

We’re off to a great start, but this is only the beginning. Watch to see how we are enhancing customer choice, to take the service we offer our customers to the next level.

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