Injection moulding – the productivity headache: it’s a familiar, daily, challenge. There’s no shortage of demand for your plastic products, if only your expensive moulding machines could produce more each hour.

Cooling time is also a real issue. You cannot compromise here unless you want to risk product quality, and that’s a non-starter in today’s ultra-competitive market. You could buy more machines, but do you have the space, never mind the cap ex capacity?

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Product quality

Boost productivity with new gas technology

Instead of investing in new equipment, why not retrofit what you have, so you can apply the latest industrial gas solutions to your cooling challenge? You’ll be surprised by the difference it can make. Significant strides have been made in refining Gas Injection Moulding (GIM) techniques, with a variety of solutions available. And these can improve your plastics cycle time by up to 40%.

1. Faster cooling times – enhanced gas injection moulding (GIM-C) replaces nitrogen with carbon dioxide gas. This has the same qualities as nitrogen but, crucially, can also cool the part more quickly, increasing productivity. It also does not leave any moisture on the product or in the mould.

2. Spot cooling – the next step up, where liquid CO2 is used (TEMP-S). This is ideal if you have narrow spaces within the parts that are difficult to reach with traditional water cooling.

3. Temperature control – get the added benefit of a temperature control system or both rapid heating and cooling where required for accurate reproduction of the mould’s surface, while maintaining faster cycle times (TEMP-D). Particularly useful for high gloss and optical parts.

Radically reduce post-production time

The second drag on your productivity is the time it takes to clean newly moulded parts, to remove dust and grease prior to painting or treating.

However, applying our Cryoclean Snow solution – a form of CO2 based dry ice blasting – to your cleaning processes tackles contaminants so that they become brittle and crack, and can reduce cleaning time from six minutes to 30 seconds.

It’s also a more cost-effective option compared with water-based systems; the energy requirement is vastly reduced, while the need to recapture and safely dispose of traditional solvents is removed entirely.

Cost-effective solutions

There is not a single ‘silver bullet’ cure for the productivity headaches you may be facing. But applying any one of this range of tailored solutions can make a real difference, without breaking the bank.

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