Not only is replacing your diesel vehicles with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) better for the environment, it could help your business make significant cost savings too. Here’s how we helped haulage company Gilmour Brothers Transport save 30–40% on their fuel costs.

With the cost of fuel going up and increasing pressure to switch to alternative low carbon fuels, haulage company Gilmour Brothers Transport got in touch to find out more about BOC’s range of LNG solutions.

Check out the video to learn more about how they switched from diesel to LNG:

Gilmour Brothers Transport first used LNG 15 years ago but found that they were limited by the infrastructure and range of vehicles that were available. In 2016 they looked again at their options deciding to trial both CNG and LNG fuelled trucks. They found that CNG didn’t give them the range they needed but LNG suited their operation well.

BOC supported Gilmour Brothers Transport with a portable trial LNG unit, ideal for 1-2 vehicles, to help them to evaluate LNG in their fleet. Then when they were ready a larger “Lite” unit was installed on site.

 The Lite unit, which is ideal for 5-15 vehicles, was installed quickly and easily. The unit is rented from BOC meaning that it’s maintained by BOC, ensuring it meets the appropriate standards.

 Since switching to LNG, Gilmour Brothers report that they have made savings of 30–40% on their fuel costs. They are now looking to change the rest of their fleet to LNG.

 The LNG trucks in the Gilmour Brothers fleet have successfully covered more than 300,000km each.

 To see whether switching to LNG could benefit your business, BOC offers a mobile trial unit ideal for companies trying LNG for the first time.

 For larger operations with a fleet of 20+ vehicles, BOC offers a bulk installation solution.

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Geraint Bruton
Business Manager for Clean Fuels at BOC