Metal Mickey, BOC’s very own welded statue, is keeping Edd China company in Edd China’s Workshop Diaries. Discover Mickey’s BOC story.

If you’ve ever visited BOC’s Guildford offices, you will have been greeted in our reception by Metal Mickey – our life-sized welded metal statue.

As of this month, you’ll no longer have to visit us to see Mickey, as he’s left BOC to join Edd China on his new weekly YouTube show, Edd China’s Workshop Diaries.

BOC is partnering the show, providing Edd with all of the gases, consumables and welding equipment he needs for his projects over the coming months. Our welding expert, Chris Birch recently visited Edd at his workshop to settle Mickey into his temporary new home and chat welding.

A welding tale going back to 1987

Metal Mickey was designed and built back in 1987 for the Welding & Metal Fabrication Exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham. Created by Derrick Hilton and the late Melvin McKeown, he was made from the four most commonly welded materials; carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper, with the purpose of demonstrating all of the different shielding gases that BOC sold at the time.

Initially built as a wire model, plastic templates of different colours were made of each of the panels required for Mickey’s external skeleton.

Metal Mickey as a wire model and then in construction

Each of these templates was then used to create a 3mm thick plate in the different metal materials, before they were all welded together using the most suitable shielding gas, wire and welding process – either MIG, or TIG.

Mickey created such a stir at the show that BOC went on to win the award for ‘best stand’.

His trip to Edd’s workshop isn’t the first time that Mickey has been on his travels. After his appearance in Birmingham back in 1987, he visited the American Welding Society show in Detroit, US, before travelling to welding shows in Australia and Poland.

Eagle eyed viewers will be able to spot Mickey in Edd China’s Workshop Diaries on

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