In our last blog, we talked about the importance of making sure that every part of your AM process is as precise as possible. Make little improvements along the value chain and you can see a big impact on quality and consistency. With complete control over quality powder production and print chamber oxygen and humidity levels, you can count on perfect finished parts – every time.

Now, let’s apply the same logic to surface finishing. Say you’ve just finished manufacturing your AM parts. But they’re not finished yet, not really. There’s one more thing. The all-important cleaning and smoothing. What technique are you going to use?

The perfect finish

You need to clear your finished part of debris, satellites, and unfused powder. And you’ve got a lot of options. Sand or shot blasting. Vibratory finishing. And ultrasonic water baths, to name a few.

Some are too abrasive for your part, and can cause distortion. Others mean waiting around for parts to dry. And quite a few of these methods produce waste that can harm the environment.

Is it time to reconsider your cleaning process?

When it comes to cleaning AM metal components, one option you might not have considered is dry ice. It’s something that, at BOC, we’ve found great success with. And it’s something we expect you’ll find to be the ultimate cleaning solution.

A solution like our ADDvance® Cryoclean creates dry ice particles by expanding liquid CO2, then shooting them on to the surface of your finished part. This embrittles any contaminants before breaking them – something you’ll only achieve with industrial gas solutions. It’s flexible, allowing you to add or reduce abrasives in your process with the simple switch of a lever, for a deeper or more gentle clean. It’s dry, so your parts are finished faster. And it’s eco-friendly, which is good for the environment and your sustainability.

Finishing with dry ice helps manufacturers to treat parts quickly and effectively, and at a low cost. Perfect for cleaning AM metal parts. And it’s just one little improvement that makes a big difference to quality and consistency.

So, for the last time in this blog series, if you think ADDvance® Cryoclean might be right for your process, book a demo with us. Of course, we’re always ready to talk about how gas can help across your entire process. Just get in touch.