Question: Is frozen food preparation an art or a science?

It can take a flash of creative inspiration to produce a wonderful new flavour or dish. But to reproduce it, thousands of times over, and keep it fresh to enjoy months later – well, that’s a real science.

BOC Food Technology Centre

Combining the two, and getting it right consistently, requires laboratory conditions. That’s why BOC established its first food lab over 40 years ago before taking its research to the next level, opening its Food Technology Centre (FTC) in 2000.

The Centre in Thame, Oxfordshire, has since become the catalyst for our work with food manufacturers to produce ever more tasty, nutritious and cost effective frozen foods for the retail and foodservice sectors, while also optimising modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for specific products to promote food safety and prolong shelf life.

The appliance of food freezing


So what’s the secret of the FTC’s success?

  1.     We are meticulous in trying to replicate the client’s food production process, using their own products for extensive testing in our state-of-the-art cryogenic freezers.
  2.     We capture accurate real-time data during product freezing to measure critical factors such as optimum freezing temperatures and durations, dehydration levels, etc. so we can fine tune processes.
  3.     Full kitchen facilities at the FTC mean the frozen food can then be cooked and tested for quality.
  4.     Throughout testing we consider the business case, how to maximise throughput without compromising on quality.
  5.     Our industry partners have the opportunity to examine every aspect of the equipment’s utility, from ease of cleaning to installing individual pre-set freeze programmes.
  6.     Once the best freeze regime has been established for individual products, staff are fully trained on using our Cryoline® freezers and instructed on the safe use of cryogenics, followed by on-site process commissioning visits and a dedicated helpline, post freezer installation.

The results are highly tuned and bespoke freezing programmes that can be recreated on the client’s factory floor using identical equipment to achieve tailored outcomes, both in productivity and quality enhancement.

And that’s an exact science.

Could BOC’s Food Technology Centre take your food business to the next level? The cutting-edge Cryoline® range from BOC has been designed and tested to provide superior freezing and support food innovation.

If you would like to discuss the benefits cryogenics could bring to your food business, please speak to our Food Team on