BOC takes centre stage for Edd China’s latest project – getting his driving orange back on the road…

If you’ve been following Edd China’s Workshop Diaries on YouTube, you may have seen his ongoing project to fix one of his more unusual vehicles – a giant sized orange.

The orange, one of six created in the early 1970s to promote Outspan Oranges, was built using parts from a Mini, and Edd has driven his at many Mini rallies and other car events over recent years.

In Episode 23 of Edd China’s Workshop Diaries, Edd turns his attention to a serious drift that has developed with the orange’s steering.

After installing an adjustable suspension, he uses his BOC welding and safety equipment – supplied as part of our partnership with the show – to fit a tie rod into position and get the suspension working.

Taking viewers step by step through the challenge, Edd welds two new gussets to the suspension, and while doing so provides a number of tips on keeping the weld area clean and spatter-free (if you’re struggling with spatter or any other common welding problems, visit our Welder’s Toolkit.)

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries, which has over 800,000 subscribers, follows Edd each week as he upgrades and fixes a number of different vehicles. As the official gas and welding partner to Edd China’s Workshop Diaries, we provide Edd with expert welding knowledge, plus all of the gases, welding equipment and consumables he needs for his projects – including the welding helmet, gloves and safety kit he wears in the latest episode.

You can buy all of the welding products that Edd uses, and more, at and in your local Gas & Gear store.

For now, Edd’s orange is back on the road and the steering is working perfectly. Now the only thing he needs to worry about is running out of juice…

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