Developed in early 2018 in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Association of Science Discovery Centres, The Secret World of Gases has run at nine of the top science centres in UK, including the world-renowned Eden Project in Cornwall.

Based on the success of these family shows, we are now sending specially-trained BOC science ambassadors to present The Secret World of Gases in classrooms across the country. Our aim is to engage, inspire and involve school-age children aged 5-16 with the amazing stories and science of atmospheric gases via a series of interactive, hands-on demonstrations.

Inspiring future scientist and engineers

We’ve always been passionate about inspiring employees of the future ñ and believe the best way to do that is by motivating young people to learn more about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

By delivering sessions such as The Secret World of Gases, which takes a fun, engaging and safe approach to teaching, we hope to get even more young people thinking and talking about atmospheric gases ñ perhaps even encouraging some children to choose the industrial gases industry as a career!

Meet a BOC ambassador

Alexis Reece is one of BOC’s science ambassadors. Alongside her usual role as Environmental Best Practice Manager, Alexis squeezes in every opportunity she can to present The Secret World of Gases (even when it means doing it in her own time!).

I have children of my own, so I know how important it is to be able to visit classrooms and show children these incredible things first-hand, she said.

One of our key themes is dispelling myths about the gases in our atmosphere. So, we teach the children about oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2), explaining what benefits they have. But we also show them how carbon dioxide, for instance, has a negative effect on the environment.

Then we show them hydrogen as a potential fuel for the future, with its only waste product being water. Following the story of carbon dioxide, this helps them understand why hydrogen is such an important alternative fuel to petrol or diesel.

It’s much better than learning from a textbook, because they can actually see the effects before their eyes.

What’s next for The Secret World of Gases?

Alexis says the next thing on her agenda is to embed her involvement with the programme, train more ambassadors and organise more demonstrations, to help The Secret World of Gases reach an even wider audience.

The most important thing is to make sure we ignite passion and interest in science by creating a little bit of fun and excitement, she says.

If you would like to bring The Secret of World Gases to your child’s school, why not get in touch with Alexis? She’ll be happy to answer any questions, tell you more about this exciting initiative and introduce you to your local BOC science ambassador.

Email today.

And to see more of what The Secret World of Gases has to offer, visit the website.