When you’re buying gas, how much consideration do you give to your cylinder?

There’s actually a huge range of options – and by taking time to consider which cylinder size and type best fits your needs, you could increase safety and save money, time and space in your workshop.

Which size gas cylinder do I need?

Working out your cylinder size is relatively easy.

If you’re already using gas, just do an assessment of your typical usage and consider whether your existing supply is fit for purpose. Do you find yourself constantly stocking up? Is a large, barely used cylinder taking up space that you can ill afford? If the balance doesn’t seem right, it could be worth a re-think. Talk to your Gas & Gear store manager or BOC contact for help.

If this is your first time buying welding gas, do a quick assessment of your likely consumption. Your processes and gas mix, how regularly you’re likely to weld and at what flowrate will all help in choosing the right cylinder size, and our new selector tool, the Welding Gas Finder, can help you choose the right gas.

If you’re only using a small amount of gas – experimenting, trying different welding methods – you may only need a small volume of gas for a short period of time.

But if welding is likely to be a regular part of your work, it’s worth investing a little more time to get your cylinder choice right.

Tips for choosing the right gas cylinder

Making the right cylinder choice isn’t always just about your processes and gas consumption. There are other considerations that you should include in your decision.

  1. Make sure you have supply in hand – it’s important to have a backup, especially if you are welding at high volumes and downtime could cause problems for your business. This will ensure that you don’t have to stop a job halfway through because you ran out of gas.
  2. Think about your location – how far are you from your local BOC collection point? How much will it cost to fetch your cylinders? BOC has a nationwide network of Gas & Gear stores and Agents so it’s likely there’s one nearby (you can check for your nearest collection point at BOConline.co.uk/storefinder), but if you’re some distance away, it’s worth thinking about a bigger supply.
  3. How are you planning to transport your gas? – do you have space in your transport for a larger cylinder? If not, you’ll need to think smaller, or consider having your cylinders delivered.
  4. Can you transport and store your gas safely? Check our handy guide to ensure your cylinders will be safe on the road and in your workshop.
  5. How much space do you have? If you have the room, a larger cylinder could work out more cost-effective in the long run. If space is tight, smaller cylinders on a more regular supply would be a better fit. Take a look at your potential gas cylinder weights and sizes and our price guide to help with your decision.

Why should I consider a premium gas cylinder?

Premium cylinders bring with them multiple additional benefits to standard cylinders.

The EVOS ViPR’s integrated regulatorThe EVOS™ ViPR cylinder from BOC is a new, specially designed premium cylinder that is particularly easy to use.

With an integrated regulator, there’s no need to buy and fit a regulator separately, or replace it down the line.

With minimal flow surge, less gas is wasted, and the flow stability doesn’t drop off. They’re also filled to 300 bar and have more gas inside for the same capacity than standard cylinders.

Could a premium cylinder suit you? For advice on the best cylinder for your needs, speak to your BOC account manager or your local Gas & Gear experts.

Look out for more guidance on gas cylinders in the Welder’s Toolkit.




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