Lindoflamm® special burners are not only fast but also cost efficient. If you’re still not convinced that you should switch, then read on.

What is Lindoflamm®?

Lindoflamm® is the combination of two key factors – Lindoflamm® special burners and dissolved acetylene gas – that unite to create a process now being used in the heavy fabrication industry.

Lindoflamm® is ideal for pre-heating thick plate or structural steel within the heavy fabrication industry such as shipbuilding, structural steel projects and the construction of wind turbines.

Thanks to the safe delivery of acetylene, Lindoflamm® can get the material to temperature faster than alternative fuel sources. Acetylene can reach 3,150ºC – 12.5% hotter than propane.

When would you use it?

Before welding, pre-heating helps obtain the correct temperature within the material prior to carrying out your welding application. Without it, material like steel would absorb the heat from the weld, making the finished weld more likely to crack. Pre-heat helps prevent this absorption from happening.

There are a variety of ways to pre-heat, from throwing material into a furnace or using propane gas. Lindoflamm® uses acetylene with a variety of torches – from a single-head to large, bespoke systems.

The bespoke processes are based on customer requirements using our knowledge and experience to provide the customer with exactly what they need.

Lindoflamm® can also be used for a variety of functions outside of pre-heating, such as:

  • post-heating
  • flame straightening
  • flame hardening
  • flame brazing
  • fusing
  • hot forming

Why Lindoflamm® Special Burners?

Lindoflamm®, when combined with acetylene, is quicker than standard processes.

During recent trials with a customer who used BOC’s Lindoflamm® tool to welds special steel pipes, the following benefits were recorded:

  • faster pre-heating temperatures – reached in 45 minutes – 30 minutes faster than with propane gas
  • reduction in the amount of fuel gas the customer was previously using from 11 m3 to 3.36 m3.
  • reduction in man hours needed to complete the heating process due to it being automated
  • total cost reduction per heating of around 55.7% when compared to propane
  • reduced moisture content during the pre-heating procedure – a key cause of cracking – to just 3%, compared to 32% for propane which helps welds meet critical industry standards

These are just a few of the benefits you can achieve, but they do depend on the materials and process being used.

On top of the cost savings, there is the service offered – from expert training and advice to after-sale services. BOC will provide customers with assistance and training to help carry out the tasks at hand.

Lindoflamm®: a safe option

While dissolved acetylene has had some bad press in the past, things are different now.

We’ve proven that it’s safe to use through various case studies involving the Fire and Rescue Service and the British Compressed Gases Association.

Visit our Lindoflamm® web page to find out more.

Phil Moreton
Fuel Gases Product Manager