BOC invited welders to share with the world their most creative and interesting welds by posting photos of them on social media. Here are two of the winning entries…

Dave the minion

Dave the minion

Dave the minion was made from an old 1960’s decommissioned cylinder by Arthur Rudd of A W Rudd Motorcycles in Hampshire

Arthur says: “The fun is seeing the art form from scrap metal. I take great pride in my work and find I get the best welds with BOC gases.

“I have used them all my life, and learned MIG welding when I was a young boy aged around 12. I still own the same MIG welder today and am now 44.

“I weld with BOC’s Argoshield light and use a Thermal Arc 181i MIG welder and BOC wire.


Workshop dog

Dog by Ben Smith

Workshop manager Ben Smith of TDI North used spare parts from racing cars to make his winning dog.

“I used a brake disc, a differential, pistons and rods, and a crank shaft,” he said.

“I just had a bit of spare time and decided to make something.

When I started to line the parts up, they began to look a bit like a dog, so I carried on with it. We’ve now got something to keep us company in the workshop.”

Ben carried out a TIG weld using Pureshield Argon from BOC and stainless steel wire.


Prize helmets for winners

IHE550-Weld-Helmet-detailedArthur and Ben were among five winners. They all received a BOC IHE550 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet 4/9-13

Ben’s verdict on his prize piece of kit: “It’s really good. I can see properly now because the switch on the side helps you change the darkness which really helps. I use it all the time.”




Alex Jenkinson
Brand and Content Manager